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Transporter 2 Review

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that acting is easy. The picture that I’m working on isn’t exactly a blockbuster, but I also wouldn’t consider it to be low budget. My trailer is adjacent to the dining cart and also right next to the body double for the lead actress. There are actually two doubles for this actress and I’m honest when I say that either one of the doubles could easily replace the lead. I could easily be thrown off the project for saying this, but that’s just how I handle my business.

As it turns out, I had the two doubles (get it?) over for some tequila shots and we ended up drinking the whole bottle. Now, one of these broads was in the Transporter 2 (I didn’t even know there was a Transporter 1). Anyway, she insisted that we watch it and to my surprise, the karate was adequate. I won’t even comment on the acting, but for around 8 minutes I was fairly impressed with some decent karate moves – For the other 69 minutes I was putting on some moves of my own.