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The Aviator or After the sunset

The Aviator Review Before I begin, I want to say that Leo is great to work with. He’s a great person, a kind individual, and a great actor. I haven’t worked with him directly, nor have I met him, but I know a few actresses

Why were Oscar 2006 nominations so important?

2006 Oscar Nominations The question that everybody has been asking me is not, “Who do you think will win for best picture?”, but rather, “Are you going to the O’s and if so, who are you taking?” I really struggled with whom I might take

Transporter 2 Review

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that acting is easy. The picture that I’m working on isn’t exactly a blockbuster, but I also wouldn’t consider it to be low budget. My trailer is adjacent to the dining cart and also right next to the body

Grizzly Man Review

A lot of movies have been making their way to me via FedEx, Grizzly Man is one of these movies. I know people who know Werner Herzog and they say that I BELONG in one of Werner’s films. I have always enjoyed his anti-Hollywood approach

3 quick movie reviews for winter days

Cinderella Man Review Is it me, or does Renee Zellweger always look like she just bit into a huge lemon? You ask me, “can she act”? Well, if by acting you mean constantly displaying a sour look with those squinty little eyes and quivering voice,

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