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The Aviator or After the sunset

The Aviator Review

Before I begin, I want to say that Leo is great to work with. He’s a great person, a kind individual, and a great actor. I haven’t worked with him directly, nor have I met him, but I know a few actresses who have. Now, The Aviator is a difficult film to review and the life of Howard Hughes is a tough subject to cover in 2 hr. 50 minutes. Marty Scorsese does a bang up directing, but I have a hard time accepting Leo as Hughes- I just don’t buy it. The Aviator- still a good picture and worth a viewing.

After The Sunset Review

Not to be confused with ‘Before Sunset‘, the verbose trash starring Ethan Hawke. No, this trash is worth watching. For the record – I have never been cast aside Selma Hayek, but let’s just say that my agent has planted the seed. I need to act with this little tomato! The film itself is barely watchable, but keep your eyes out for Selma, because she’s all over the screen. Woody Harrelson (Cheers) on what seems to be a comeback tour does a pretty good job throughout the film & Pierce Brosnan is always great as an uptight prick.