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3 quick movie reviews for winter days

Cinderella Man Review

Is it me, or does Renee Zellweger always look like she just bit into a huge lemon? You ask me, “can she act”? Well, if by acting you mean constantly displaying a sour look with those squinty little eyes and quivering voice, then yes- she can act. I wanted Russelll Crowe to punch her, punch her right in that frickin’ sour puss face. Thanfully she played a character with little depth and will doubtfully be nominated for a globe or an Oscar.

My prediction: Russelll Crowe will be nominated, but will not receive an Oscar. Paul Giamatti will receive for ‘Best Supporting Actor’.

You can watch this interesting movie here.

Ocean’s Twelve Review

Jesus Christ! What the hell did I just watch? Not that I care, but why did Bernie Mack spend the whole movie in jail? Julia Roberts with that goddamned annoying cackle! How terrible is Oceans Thirteen going to be?

Damon, Cheadle, you are both better than that – Shame on you!


Watch Ocean’s Twelve here for free.

Suspect Zero Review

I lunched with Kingsley a couple of months ago and we talked about his work in Suspect Zero. BK wasn’t happy with the way this film turned out – poor direction, lack-luster writing, and a major chop-up in the editing room. I thought it had potential. I thought that BK was, as usual, an acting dynamo. It’s unfortunate that there were no acting/directing/writing talent to compliment Sir Kingsley. Carrie-Anne Moss (Matrix) is somewhat in the film, but I’m not sure as to why.

Watch Suspect Zero right away here.